Volume 5 issue 1 – 2017(June)

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1 Effect of Zinc Supply on its Biochemical and economic return of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) varieties under late sown conditions C. B. Verma,Mohd. Aslam,Ram Pyare,Jitendra Singh
2 Milk Marketing (Co-operative and privately organized channels) and their efficiency in Luhnow region of Uttar Pradesh Anil Kumar,Keshav Prasad,S. P. Singh
3 Zooplankton comunity and Abundance in fresh water canal in westren U.P. Madhu,Archana Arya,Neera Singh
4 Symptomatolozy and pathogenicity characteristics of fusarium oxrum F. SP. ciceri in chickpea seeds Vikram D. Singh,R.K. Gangwar
5 Integrated effect og organic manures and inorganic fertilizers in growth, yield and yield attribute of radish CV. Kalyanpur safed Umesh Kumar Verma, Rajeev Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar, Anil Kumar
6 Association studies for yield and its component traits in Tomato(Solunam Lycopersicum L.) Nirmal Kumar, Ravindra Kumar
7 Efficacy and economic of different insecticides and Bio pesticides for management of the leaf curl complex through the controlling of insect vector whitefly (Bemisia tabaci genn.) in Chilli (Capsicum annum L.) Vikram D. Singh, Guru Prem, Ramesh Kumar, Triloki Singh, R.K. Gangwar
8 Milk marketing channels and functional analysis of milk production in organized and unorganized marketing system in Westeren U.P. Yogendra Kumar, Rajneesh, Amit Kumar
9 Socio Economic Characterstics of the commercial vegetable growers in Western Utter Pradesh S.P. Sonkar, R.N Yadav,D.K. Singh,Dan Singh,V.K. Singh, Manoj Kumar,M. K. Prajapati
10 Influence of micro nutrients on yield,metabolic and quality attributes in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) varieties under rainfed condition C. B. Verma,Mohd. Aslam, Ram Pyare, Jitenra Singh
11 Cytotoxics effects of malathion on (Vicia feba L.) seeds Naina Srivastava