About The Society

About the Society

Aims and objectives of the Society:

The fundamental objects of the society is to secure a spirit of friendly cooperation among its involve members in promotion development of different sectors here as under.

. To undertake the religious and charitable camp for economically weaker class of the society.
. To establish the educational institution and library for computer training and religious education related to modern system and current needs.
. To under the publication of magazine, journal, bulletin etc. in the respect of Art, Science, Agriculture, Religious etc.
. To provide technical guidance for women free of cost like sewing, embroidery, knitting, beautician, dance, painting, music and computer etc.
. To undertake the medical camp and treatment for poor people without any charge.
. Awareness camp for exclusion of child labor, drugs, liquor, dowry etc.
. To undertake cultural programme, conference, seminar, workshop etc.