About The Society

Research and Education Development Society (REDS)

58, Uday Park, Roorkee Road, Modipuram, Meerut – 250 110 (UP)

Brief introduction of Research and Education Development Society
The society is a national, non-governmental, non-profit, scientific and social organization founded in 2013. Objective of the society is to engage in all activities intended to promote the research education and social work. The society is governed by a council composed of elected and co-opted members.
In particular, the society will pursue the objective through:
• To undertake the social and charitable camp for economically weaker class by the society.
• To establish the educational institutions, computer training centres and short courses etc related to modern system and current needs.
• To undertake the publication of journal, magazine, bulletin etc. in the respect of art, science and agriculture etc.
• To provide technical guidance for women free of cost like sewing, embroidery, knitting, beautician, dance, painting, music and computer etc.
• To undertake the medical camp for the treatment of poor people without any charge.
• To understand cultural programme, conference, seminar and workshop etc.

Executive Body of the Society

Executive Director :      Mrs. Smita Singh
President              :      Mr. Kanti Prasad
Vice-President      :      Dr. Raghuraj Singh
Secretary              :      Dr. S. K. Singh
Joint Secretary      :      Dr. Ravindra Kumar
Treasurer              :      Dr. Sushil Kumar