Volume 6 issue 2 – 2018(Dec)

Journal Volume 6 issue 2 – 2018(Dec)

S No Name Author
1 Varietal effect of mustard crop in poluplation fulctuation of mustrd aphid (Lopaphis erysimi) Kalt Jai Pal and Pushpendra Saroj
2 Effect of integreted nutrient management prcatices on the growth and Yield of Potato(Solanum tuberosum L.) under the irrigated conditions of Punjab Chnapreet Kaur,Kamlesh Kumar and Harpreet Kaur
3 Effects of steaming up Upon pre-calving and post-claving growth performance in crossbred cows Shashi Kant,Anjani Kumar Sing and R. K. Yadav
4 Genetics analysis in f1 generation in diallel crossesfor yield and yield component in hexaploid wheat (triticom aestivum L. ) Maninder Singh,KamalPreet Kaur,Vijay Kumar,Ramanjoat Kaur and Ravindra Kumar
5 effects of nitrogen and zinc on growth and quality charactor of winter maize(Zea mays L.) under irrigatedcondition of punjab Balwinder Singh,Kamlesh Kumar and Manpreet Kaur
6 effects of spacing on growth and yield of promising cultivars of cauliflower(Brassica oleracea var. botrytis L.) Manpreet Kaur,Harmeet Singh Janeja and Balwinder Singh
7 effects of different heribisides on weeds and growth of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) in central Punjab Amandeep Kaur,Santosh Kumar,Nishan Singh and Mandeep Kaur
8 Farmers producer company -for quality rice seed production in Assam S.K. Ghritlahre,M. Azharudheen T P,k. Saikia,A.K. Deka,P. Berman and R. Bhagwati
9 Antibiotic resistence : Causes,Consequences,Prevention and Control Neetu Trehan
10 A review of mutation breeding for the improvement of the crop plants-present and future Navjot Kaur,Satinder Kaur,Kunjet Kaur and Vijay Singh
11 A Comparative study of various oil extration techniques of plants-A review Sumeet Kaur,Virk Pannu,Harpreet Kaur,Kuljit Kaur and Vijay Singh