Volume 1 issue 2 – 2013(Dec)

Journal Volume 1 issue 2 – 2013(Dec)

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1 Studies On Vegetative Growth Flowering Behavior And Seed Yield Of Green House Cucumber Surya Prakash Dwivedi, S. N. Singh, A.K. Pandey and S. K. Singh
2 Training Needs Of Scientific Mushroom Cultivation In District Barabanki Uttar Paradesh Satya Pal Singh, J.P. Singh, P.K Singh, Surendra Singh, Diwakar, Renu Singh, A.K Singh, Manish Kanwat and A. Kiran Kumar Singh
3 Assessment Of Impact Of Front Line Demonstrations On The Yield Of Chickpea Sheo Raj Singh, R.K. Prajapati, Shashi Mala and Satya Pal Singh
4 Correlation And Regression Studies In Tuberose Cv Mexican Single Krishan P. Singh and K.S. Shamasundaran
5 Effect Of Top Dressing Nitrogen And Potassium On Yield And Yield Components Of Rice Rajeev Kumar, Sandeep Kumar, Anil Kumar, Harnam Singh and Sanjeev Kumar
6 Growth And Yield Behavior Of Urdbean Genotyps Under Different Dates Of Sowing And Effect On Soil Health Mahavir Singh, N.S. Rana, G. S. Panwar, Adesh Singh and B.P. Dhyani
7 Growth Parameters Of Tomato As Influenced By Cement Dust Rajeev Kumar, Sandeep Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar, Anil Kumar, Satish Kumar and Ram Jeet
8 Growth Yield And Quality Of Turmeric As Influenced By Organic Manures Rajeev Kumar, Sandeep Kumar, Ram Jeet, Sanjeev Kumar and Harnam Singh
9 Host Range, Susceptibility Period Of Curvularia Lunata Causing Leaf Spot Of Black Gram And Germplasm Screening Mehi Lal, Santosh Kumar, Mohd. Ali, Anis Khan, Vivek Singh and Shiv Murti
10 Impact Of Different Intercrops On The Yield Attributing Characters And Root Knot Nematode Infestation In Cauliflower N.K. Agarwal, R.K. Gangwar N.K. Gupta and Vijai Kumar
11 Integrated Disease Management Of Alternaria Blight Of Rapeseed-Mustard Shiv Shakati, Rajendra Prasad, Vikram Dherendra 102-104 Singh and S.K. Biswas
12 Integrated Management Of Fusarium Wilt And Chickpea Pod Borer S.R. Singh, R.K. Prajapati and Shashi Mala
13 Livelihoods Pattern Of Loktak Lake Islanders In Bishnupur District Of Manipur Daya Ram, K.P. Chaudhary and T. Sunanda
14 Performance Of Pomegranate Cultivars For Growth, Yield And Physico- Chemical Traits Under Karewa Edaphological Conditions In Temperate Climate Of Kashmir Valley M.K. Verma, S. Lal and Ahmed
15 Response Of Graded Levels Of Nitrogen Application On Growth And Flowering Parameters In Double Petalled Cultivars Of Tuberose Krishan P. Singh and S. Uma
16 Response Of Planting Months In Vegetative Propagation Of Cestrum Nocturnum Linn Through Hardwood Cuttings Krishan P. Singh