Volume 2 issue 2 – 2014(Dec)

Journal Volume 2 issue 2 – 2014(Dec)

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1 Efficacy Of Fungicides And Antibiotics Against Spore Germination And Sporulation Of Colletotrichum Falcatum Went Causing Red Rot Disease Of Sugarcane In-vitro And In-vivo Condition Y.P.Bharti, B.K.Singh, A. Kumar, S.P. Singh and D.N.Shukla
2 Antagonistic Evaluation Of Some Bio Agents And Their Effect As Seed Treatment On Germination Growth Parameters And Wilt Incidence In Lentil Vinit Kumar Singh, Prem Nareshand, S. K. Biswas
3 Assessment Of Integrated Management Of Leaf Curl Virus In Tomato On Farmers Fields At Mahamaya Nagar District Of Uttar Pradesh S.R. Singh and R.K. Prajapati
4 Assessments Of Effectiveness Of Training Programmes Through Perception Of Krishi Vigyan Kendra Trainees A .K. Tyagi and B.D. Tyagi
5 Combining Abilty For Yeild And Yield Attributes In Indian Mustard Darshan Lal, Rajeev Kumar, S.K. Singh, B.B. Singh, Anil Kumar and Sanjeev Kumar
6 Effect Of Fertility On Growth Yield And Yield Attributes Of Pearal Millet Under Rainfed Condition Pradeep Kumar, Rajeev Kumar, S.K.Singh and Anil Kumar
7 Effect Of Various Nitrogen Levels On Growth, Yield And Yield Attributes Of Different Genotypes Of Rice Anil Kumar, Rajeev Kumar, Sandeep Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar and B.B. Singh
8 Germination, Growth, Yield And Yield Attributes Of Mungbean Effected By Salinity Stress Rajeev Kumar, Sandeep Kumar, Anil Kumar, Harnam Singh, Dharmendra Kumar and Sanjeev Kumar
9 Identification Of Resistant Genotypes Of Barley Shiv Murti, A.K. Singh, R.N. Singh, Mehi Lal, Y.P. Singh and Santosh Kumar