Volume 2 issue 1 – 2014(June)

Journal Volume 2 issue 1 – 2014(June)

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1 A Comparative Study Of Knowledge Level Between Sugarcane Growers Of Government And Private Sugarcane Factories Of Meerut District Ajay Kumar, B.D. Tyagi and Narendra K Chaudhary
2 Agricultural Profitability Through Resource Conservation Technologies For Resource Poor Farmers Of Uttar Pradesh An Overview V. K. Verma, Ram Pyare, Vishram Singh, Sanjay Chaudhary, A.K. Srivastava and R.B. Singh
3 Correlates Of Knowledge Of Job Card Holders Of Manipur Kh. Stina, Daya Ram and A. Prasad
4 Effect Of Distillery Waste On Seed Germination And Seedling Growth And ItsConsequential Effect On Wheat Yields And Nitrogen Uptake Under Field Condtion Sanjeev Sharma ,Ram Batuk Singh, V.K. Verma, Ram Pyare
5 Effect Of Growth Analysis By 2, 4-D Heribicide Residue On The Safety Production Of Maize D.P. Nagdeve and Arun Kumar
6 Evaluation Of Fungicides For Management Of Fusarium Wilt Of Pigeonpea Caused ByFusarium Udum Butler Shyamji Gupta, Ramesh Singh, Rakesh Kumar, Virendra Kumar and S. K. Biswas
7 Growth And Yield Behavior Of Mungbean Genotype Under Different Dates Of Sowing And Effect On Soil Health Mahavir Singh, N.S. Rana, Satya Prakash, Adesh Singh and B.P. Dhyani
8 Heavy Metal Accumulation In Plants Grown In Peri-Urban Metal Contaminated Areas Of Eastern U P. S. N. Singh, S. K. Goyal, Jai P. Rai and Shree Ram Singh
9 Heterosis And Inbreeding Depression For Yield And Its Component Traits In Cucumber S. K. Singh, S. V. Singh2 and J. P. Srivastava
10 Impact Of Chemical Bodies On Sustainable Agriculture And Its Effects On Environment Narendra Kumar Chaudhary, Ravinder Kumar, Shikha Gangwar and Sushil Kumar
11 Occurrence Of Cercosporoide In Medicinal Plants Of Madhya Pradesh P. K. Gupta, S. R. Singh, Yogita Gharde and R. K.Prajapati
12 Potential And Use Of Baculoviruses As Insecticides Vivek Singh, Santosh Kumar and Mehi Lal
13 Studies On The Socio-Economic Status Of Backyard Poultry Farmers In Tribal Areas Of Dungarpur District Of Rajasthan L. N. Verma and R. K. Gangwar